We work with professional & technical services companies looking for improvements in team performance.

Getting people to work effectively together can be frustrating and difficult, especially when they are good people who just don’t see eye to eye.

We work with teams, groups and their leaders to dispel differences that disrupt, resolve conflicts once and for all (and teach them how to maintain the peace), dilute the “treacle” they’ve been wading through, and build more fluid interactions.

Leaders get to create genuine trust, and we build with them the mutual understanding, influencing and communicating skills that fire creativity and ignite a passion for cooperation and achievement.

Result? They minimize costs and exceed expectations.

Our Mission

We believe in the essential nature of change. The most satisfying part of our work is in watching people change, as they find their way to what is important to them. We recognize how anxiety subtly undermines confidence, and contributes to low-level conflict, stress and reduced performance. When people get to know one another and work better together, not only is there enormous pleasure in making great things happen, but cooperation becomes natural, and mutual trust and respect can emerge.

By providing carefully tailored facilitation, guidance, coaching and training, we provoke curiosity, align people’s efforts, and ignite a passion for achieving superb results.

Our Background

With almost four decades of helping teams across Europe, the Far East, Africa and the Americas, to get results in often complex situations, we deliver on improving performance through Consulting with key leaders and those who commission our services, through Coaching both with teams and individuals, and through Facilitation of group processes and Training where they matter most.

We are just a phone call away, and we always welcome invitations to meet and discuss what it would be like to have us on your team for a while.