It is becoming more generally accepted that coaching is the most practical and cost-effective approach to personal development. Certainly for people in managerial and leadership roles, being able to talk fruitfully with people in their reporting line, and to deal with often really tough issues of busy work is a pre-requisite.  Yet for many, this is the most challenging aspect of their work.

Patterns of communicating and influence used by a coach are applicable to every part of managing and leading, in addition to those specifically intended as supporting and encouraging learning on the job.

We train people in the fine arts and talents of initiating, conducting and making the most of exchanges with their colleagues with best possible performance in mind.  This is a practical and pragmatic training, designed for handling real life situations! Given in the frame of coaching, and centred loosely on the famous GROW model, developed by Sir John Whitmore and David Hemery, our programme engages the very best of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and skills for managing changes.

Using G.R.O & W as a simple mental checklist to track progress of their discussions, managers learn to build and maintain irresistible levels of rapport, and how to achieve concentrated and undivided attention.  They become skilled at helping people think more clearly, asking razor sharp, specifier questions.  Calibrating the most subtle, unconscious, non-verbal signals emanating from others guides the manager’s responses, and provides the key to assisting and influencing colleagues to make choices and take action.  They acquire tools for achieving resourceful, high performance states, and for helping their colleagues to attach them to situations they find challenging.

We deliver this as an intense, two-day, hands-on, practical workshop, with two tutors and full backup and reference materials. There is a follow-up ‘golden nuggets’ day three months later, and where appropriate, we add monthly personal coaching to support gaining “road time” for key people who attend these workshops.