NLP improves meetings beyond recognition. It brings with it clarity of thinking, expressing and decision-making, and helps people get to action faster and with more confidence.

NLP also leads to highly developed communication and people skills, self-management and leadership capabilities.

Happy Business People In Meeting

We train NLP communication and personal change skills in a number of ways. These include:

  • explicit workshops, designed to meet particular objectives
  • impromptu teachings, demonstrations and coaching as we work with individuals, teams and groups
  • through its constant use in our own communications, we transfer learning at an unconscious (inductive learning) level as we work with teams and individuals

Skills we teach include:

  • Advanced skills of building rapport
  • How to respond to non-verbal, involuntary communications from other people
  • How to use language with precision to specify meaning and to influence others positively

Young woman bored at a presentation

We also teach NLP skills for personal change, self-development and for choosing resourceful responses when faced with challenges.

Certified Business Practitioner of NLP

We train and certify employees and staff teams as Business Practitioners of NLP, accredited through our professional organization, the International Trainers Academy of NLP (Ā  Not only does this enhance working relationships and performance in ways already mentioned above, it can also be a strong attraction to ambitious and talented employees.