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Create and bring to life exciting ambitions and inventive solutions.

If you could have the gift to look back through time from your ideal future, delighted at having achieved what you set out to do, and remember key steps and actions you took to get here, would you take it?

Future-basing® enables you, in a way that is:

Powerful, effective and fast – Easy to learn and do – Highly practical and down-to-earth

to form visions of the future in which achievements are realised, problems have been overcome and policies and projects have been successful.  Future-basing® works powerfully for individuals, organisations, partnerships, groups and teams.

We offer a range of trainings – For corporations, leaders, managers and teams,

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Applied Getting To Action with Future-basing® workshops, tailored to their specific challenges, goals or projects.  Most usually one or two days.

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Future-basing® Certified Facilitator, three-day workshops resulting in certification and registration as a Certified Facilitator of Future-basing®for those who

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want to use the method skilfully in their own work with others.

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Make My Ambitions Real, a one day workshop for individuals, couples and families, where we guide you through creating your own ideal future. You learn how to organise your thinking and describe your achievements as if they are real.  And you learn to map back the key steps you must have taken to get you there.  We use the Future-basing Users’ Guide as an aide memoir and sets of worksheets to help with this process.

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What’s different about Future-basing®? – For most people, thinking about the future (including planning or problem solving) means trying to stop something happening, or foresee what may happen so as to prepare for how to survive or succeed. With Future-basing®, we choose a date for success in the calendar and learn to shape the future we wish for, rather than to cope with what fate serves up.

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If you can imagine success for you as being at the top of the stairs, then right now you are at the bottom.  When you look up a flight of stairs, what you see, except for the few bottom steps, is just the risers; metaphorically just the obstacles to getting up there.  If you are at the top looking down, the ‘obstacles’ are invisible.  All you can see is the results of each step up.  Future-basing® works like that; you start at the top!

Future-basing® helps individuals, teams and groups to create vivid descriptions of ideal futures to:

  • improve their lives
  • increase co-operation
  • overcome and resolve conflicts
  • develop an electric sense of common purpose
  • set and agree goals
  • create and support organisational change

We guide individuals, groups and teams through the process, helping them create and describe vividly, the futures they truly want, and how to get there.

Bill Phillips created Future-basing® in 1988. Since then, it has helped in many parts of the world and of the UK. Local authorities and NGOs in particular have imagined ideal futures and outcomes, built partnerships and agreements, and generated co-operation and common purpose in bringing them to life.

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Future-basing® also fits neatly with the pressures and pace of modern business and it can help us meet the demands for constant change. Quick, flexible, and supremely adaptable to working rapidly, it is capable of producing detailed plans and decisions in limited time. As your goals change, so then can your means of getting there.