“Today, there is a vital need to enable individual genius – while finding the means to ensure that this, in turn, results in a more powerful organization.

“I fundamentally believe that the natural state of the human being is to be fully expressed, uninhibited, and without doubt or fear.  To be able to perform, learn, and enjoy.  A state in which there is access to all the innate resources born to us. Genius.”                                                                                                    (Myles Downey, Effective Modern Coaching)

We offer coaching that works, based on experience of more than 30 years of working with and developing leaders in private, public and voluntary sectors.

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Often, those who respond best to coaching are already doing very well, and look to a Coach to help them maintain their high standards. They may also seek support with particular and important challenges at critical times. So coaching is not necessarily about fixing problems.

Perhaps you are a high performer facing big challenges. Or maybe you are feeling vulnerable, having a really tough time at present, and wishing you could just get to something that feels like “normal.” We help you to explore and discover what is possible in making your life and work a richer, healthier experience.

We apply the phenomenal skills and art of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), stemming for more than 2000 hours of training, research and study over 27 years, and over 30 years not only of coaching individuals and teams in international settings, but of training professional coaches, and managers as coaches in large corporations. The outcome is that we work faster than most, with normally fewer sessions, and the resulting changes our clients enjoy tend to stick and to last.

People come to us looking for changes and improvements in their lives, their confidence, their performance, careers and capabilities. They tend to leave on the other side of those changes with smiles on their face.

How we do this is to really listen, with that rare, undivided attention.  This is a kind of listening that tells you nothing you could say is going to be judged, interpreted or assessed in any way.

Our approach:

Our first meeting, a briefing, either face to face or on-line, is intended to help you clarify what it is that you want – what is your intention, and how you will know when you have succeeded. This is always charged at half price.

You make a choice of one, three, or five sessions based on the complexity of what you are looking for, and our assessment of how best to help you.

We offer you honest and precise feedback, where necessary provoking or insisting that you face certain obstacles or unhelpful habits.  And at times, being tough is a key and essential part of the job.  We can help you notice what keeps you stuck; help you define what you DO want, and help you discover ways to get back to your true self

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Your Coach here is a person who accepts and acknowledges you, respecting that whatever you think or believe makes perfect sense to you, without any need at all to agree or disagree with you. You get the results you came for.