Performance Improvement and Personal Transformation

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Although we mention Transformation, what if you don’t really need transforming? What if, just the way you are, you’re a perfectly Good Human Being who can really benefit from a few important tweaks?

We teach the skills and art of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), and help you apply it to life and work. Our training are active, practical, easy to follow and great fun, and you get results!

We want to help more people by adding to the spread and development of authentic NLP in Ireland. We present modern developments known as New Code NLP, an updating of its original forms from California of the late 1970s. We offer a one-day dip-your-toe-in-the-water workshop called:



What is NLP?: It Can Become The Best Part Your Life

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Where you find out how learning NLP makes it possible for you to transform your experience of life and work by choosing how you respond.


NLP Core Skills Diploma (6 days training)

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Where you learn to connect irresistibly to influence others, to pay attention to all the little signals that people transmit without realizing, to choose how you want to feel at any moment, and to use language and questions to help yourself and others think more clearly.


For existing Certified NLP Practitioners

Practitioner Upgrade to New Code NLP (6 days training)

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This leads to certification as a New Code NLP Practitioner, with certificates signed personally by Dr John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll, co- developers of New Code NLP.

These training are for people already trained in or exploring NLP, and who want to experience the surprise and extra potency of New Code NLP.

Influenced and endorsed directly by our teachers, Dr John Grinder, co-originator of NLP, his colleague and co-developer of modern day (New Code) NLP, Dr Carmen Bostic St Clair, our training are a guarantee of authenticity.


Dr John Grinder and Dr Carmen Bostic St Clair
Dr John Grinder and Dr Carmen Bostic St Clair

With more than 40 years in its development, and literally hundreds of millions of people in all walks of life positively affected by its teachings, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) stands at the leading edge of human communication, learning, and performance. It is effectively changing the world!

We teach in small groups, giving high levels of personal attention, creating a relaxed but highly energetic atmosphere where learning is great fun and inevitable. Quality support materials and skilled, honest feedback combine to make learning a pleasure.

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As a result, new friendships are formed, self-confidence grows, and you move up a gear in your journey towards your dreams and ambitions.