We are, first and foremost, FACILITATORS – we make things EASY.  We will facilitate your critical team meetings, group decision-making processes, vision conferences, and important debates.

Why Facilitation?

We know that a growing number of teams take their important meetings off-site to get away from interruptions, the temptations of distraction or open-plan environments at the office. 


We also know that many managers and team leaders find frustration when they realize they cannot facilitate their own meetings. This is where we come in. 

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Our Role

To follow your brief and organize the flow of conversation.  We manage the process of your discussion, and do not engage in the subject matter.  We keep track of the conversation, and manage group dynamics. 


Where necessary, we encourage participation where you indicate the need, and rein-in over forceful input where it risks loss of balance. 


We take responsibility for managing conflicts if and when they threaten to derail the agenda.  We offer occasional summaries of progress in order to keep people focused, and to ensure the timetable is met.

Above all, we ensure you end your meeting with at least the results you intended, and more when that proves to be achievable, and that colleagues leave it in the best possible state.

Our Approach

We consult with you to determine what results you need to achieve in your meeting, and where and how you wish to do it.  In some circumstances, we agree to meet key stakeholders for short discussions before the meeting where the gravity of required results demands it.


We advise on possible sticking points in your intentions, and agree with you how we will guide and support your discussions. 

We advise on the choice of suitable visual aids or support materials and manage their distribution and use.  These may be as simple as flip charts, cards and Post-It notes, or more sophisticated methods advised or chosen by you.


We agree with you how any outputs from the meeting will be processed afterward and by whom.  We do occasionally produce reports when appointed to do so as part of the contract.

We will even arrange the venue and set up the meeting space if you want us to.

The Science Behind It

We facilitate your meetings and conferences so that you can be an active member, have focused, dynamic, conversations, and get the best possible results.

Among others, there are always at least two things going on in any conversation.  The content is the subject matter under discussion, and members thoughts and opinions about it. 


Then there is the process, which includes among many other elements, the structure, flow and direction of what gets said, how it gets said, and by whom. 


A Facilitator monitors and guides the process, with the intention to ensure that the content gets delivered, received and concluded upon to the satisfaction of the client. 


Our conscious minds and attention are severely limited in capacity and range, regardless of intelligence, making it impossible to track both content and guide process together. 


The Facilitator therefore shares the load, making it possible for the subject owner to immerse in the content, in its meaning and emotional ebbs and flows with all the attention they have available.

Facilitation clients have included:


International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)


Bill Phillips facilitated the creation of the historic Seville Agreement at Montreux, Switzerland (1997).  (www.icrc.org.en.resources/)


West Bromwich Borough Council UK, Greets Green Urban Regeneration Project


Bill Phillips facilitated the Vision used as the successful funding bid to New Deal for Communities in 1999.  This 10 year project, completed in 2010 changed the face of the district, and continues to generate new community projects and businesses.  (www.greetsgreenpartnership.org.uk)


UK Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association


Facilitated creation of a Road Map presented to UK Central Government which successfully encouraged initiation of Hydrogen Fuelling Stations infrastructure in the UK.  Birmingham, UK June 2012. (www.ukhfca.co.uk)

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