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We support golf teams and their leaders so that they can win and go on winning.


  • Does time run away from you creating last minute pressures as you choose your teams and prepare for competitions

  • Is real team spirit and a vision for success hard to achieve or even non-existent?

  • Do you and your players struggle to reduce pressure in the build up to tournaments?



being able to:
  • Build Amazing Team Spirit

  • A Champion Mindset and a strong vision for success

  • Build cast iron relationships that turn the challenge of Foursomes into startling results

  • Help players manage their feelings, stay focused in the zone and know they’re going to win

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Why work with teams who play golf?

Golf players form into teams to meet the demands of inter-club, regional and national tournaments. 


It is widely accepted that golf is a highly mental and emotional game that challenges individuals on a number of levels.  Competitive tournaments demand that players step out of their usual self-oriented performance to co-operate with and co-depend on their playing partner. 


Foursomes is recognized as the most difficult form of competition for club golfers. It is highly demanding mentally on players and requires the development of strong working relationships between the partners. Those aspects of foursomes play seem often to be neglected.


The membership-driven nature of club operations is also a factor in organizing for competition. 


A pattern of events we have observed has been:


  • Very short time scales between choosing the team and playing the competition

  • Little opportunity to build team spirit and to create a vision for success

  • No existing methods for reducing pressure in the build up to the tournament


  • Players have challenges with managing their state during the tournament.

  • Players also experience emotional disturbances in their pairs which affect their performances


Voluntary involvement of players demands a different approach to leadership and management compared to other businesses, relying more heavily on intrinsic motivation to encourage cooperation and commitment

Our Approach

One method we use is our 7 step program, the first step of which is planning with leaders or managers.


This is followed by a set of 5 modules designed to prepare the skills, attitudes and team spirit designed to lead to improved performance in those critical moments.


There is then a review of the whole process in Step 7 at the end of the program

Individual coaching is also made available to members

7 Step Program

  1. Initial preparatory consulting session with the team managers

  2. Group session full team (up to 30 people): Mental side of the game

  3. This includes a questionnaire to measure where individuals are starting from in terms of mental aspects of their game 

  4. Group session full team 30 people: Winner Mindset

  5. Group session full team 30 people: Power of Visualization

  6. Group session full team 30 people: Importance of the pre-shot routine

  7. Working with selected panel for Team & Vision building. Review the program as required. Discuss progress and long-term success

Second questionnaire reveals where individuals are now in terms of the mental aspects of their game as an indicator of progress

The option of individual coaching adds value by enabling the player to deal with their own specific blockages that tend to undermine their performance in the critical moments of the game

Examples include:

  • eliminating mind chatter

  • changing limiting beliefs

  • developing robust pre-shot routine

  • dealing with state disruptions

  • optimizing focus for peak performance

  • modelling world class golf players


We continue to develop this program as we tailor it to specific conditions and requirements of different clubs and their members

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