PhotoReading helps you:

Employ the unconscious mind in multiplying the speed and depth of absorbing written information.  It means you get your essential reading done in a fraction of the time normally required, and at the comprehension levels you need to use and apply it.  It is also a systematic way to accelerate learning, and employs Accelerated Learning technology for its effectiveness.

You learn how:
  • To use The PhotoReading Whole Mind System for ultimate success.


  • To increase your learning capacity and remember more profoundly from reading.


  • To prepare your mind to maximize the effects of what you read.


  • To create mental downloads of documents at faster than 25,000 words per minute (a page per second).


  • To gain depth and meaning from your mental downloads with advanced strategies for reading at speeds in excess of 1000 words per minute.


  • To comprehend what you need from a book in less than two hours.


  • To prepare for meetings, study and presentations.

If this sounds good...

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