Negotiating from Intentions:

Since NLP works at the level of deepest communication with self and others, reversing conflicts, reaching agreements and gaining willing co-operation is at its heart.  Negotiating and Resolving Conflicts work best from the angle of intentions instead of positions.  At that level resolutions and agreement are naturally more available.

You learn how:

  • To co-create solutions, cement agreements and engender willing co-operation.


  • To identify the intentions behind what you want or expect, and the wants and expectations of others.


  • To identify, offer and request resources that satisfy intentions and encourage agreement.


  • To formulate questions that specify meanings and understandings.


  • To lead, influence and persuade using the art and science of language.

  •  To differentiate between content and process, the “what” and the “how.”

  • To reframe conflict and disagreement and build from it genuine trust and commitment.

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