Our Mission

We exist to provoke curiosity for better ways of working, align people’s efforts behind what needs doing, and ignite in them a passion for achieving amazing results.

Common Purpose

The world is a better place when people imagine and achieve together. Future-basing® (www.future-basing.com) with teams, partnerships, groups and organizations conjures an electric sense of excitement, possibility and common purpose.

Bill Phillips


Bill was trained in the early 1980s to observe and guide group learning and discussion as an Action Learning Set Adviser.  He has worked with and assisted teams and organizations to improve performance through building motivating visions and an electric sense of common purpose. He created Future-basing in 1988 and has developed it over the years working in many sectors, and with individuals, teams and organizations including people from more than 35 countries. (www.future-basing.com)


As a Facilitator, he enables groups to have complex discussions, to build creative working relationships, and to forge long-lasting agreements.


As a Coach, he helps individuals and teams to meet their toughest challenges, and to emerge with greater confidence, clarity, focus and motivation, and to build rewarding and productive working relationships. He was first trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) also in 1988, and for many years now is involved with training and certifying other Trainers of NLP.

Izabela Bitner


Izabela coaches, trains and facilitates, helping key people to develop mental fitness and the core interpersonal competencies that bring essential focus to those critical, win-or-lose moments in their day.  


Her expertise lies in understanding how the mind and state drive effectiveness, and how our thinking, beliefs and perceptions impact our capabilities. 


In addition to her advanced skills with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Future-basing (www.future-basing.com) forms part of her essential toolkit, enabling her clients to specify their ideal outcomes and to experience the pleasure of great results.

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