Engineering Working Relationships

It is well established that everything that works in business stems from good working relationships, which depend on great conversations

Team Coaching

We coach your teams so that your leaders can build trust, lead from the front, and achieve success


  • Are you frustrated at your team’s lack of focus and timing?

  • Is leading your team more a source of worry than of satisfaction?

  • Is your team acting more like a group of individuals than a coherent team?

Executive Coaching

We coach your executives so that, as a wise person once said, “they can stay awake at the wheel, share the view and lead from the front”


  • Have you become a workaholic, and realize that you’re missing out on life?

  • Is feedback from colleagues threatening to put your job or career in jeopardy?

  • Have you said yes because it's your job, to a workload that cannot be covered, but now you’re feeling sick and vulnerable?


We facilitate your meetings and conferences so that you can be an active member, have focused, dynamic, conversations, and get the best possible results.


  • Have you been fooled into thinking you could facilitate your own key meetings, and felt let down when people failed to co-operate?

  • Have meetings and agreements gone wrong for you when you realized that attempting to chair them was not sufficient?

  • Have you hated to pull rank when you lost control or meetings took on a life of their own?

Coaching Skills for Leaders

We teach Coaching Skills for Leaders so your leaders can build truly high performing teams and get even better results

How would your team leaders answer these questions?

  • Are you tired of being the busiest person in your team?

  • Do you dread performance reviews or giving honest feedback?

  • Are you on top of what and how everyone is doing, or does not knowing make you vulnerable?

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