Golf Players 

The Mental Angle


I help sport players hone their mental fitness so they can be right in the zone in those make or break moments in their game


Does that internal chatter bore into your brain to totally sabotage those critical moments in your game?

Do you find that the harder you try to keep the ball out of the water, the more perfectly you manage to get it wet?

Do you believe that a pre-shot routine is probably just a way of avoiding getting on with it?


Being able to quieten your mind, concentrate and be totally focused just when you need it


Knowing just where the ball will go, and making it go there

Instead of expertise in hitting into the rough, the water or the bunker, you get it on the green every time


There are many sport and athletics coaches who believe you cannot coach the mind


There are many sport psychologists who disagree, but whose results with players leave much to be desired


One thing is for sure: the body only functions with a mind driving it, because that’s the order of things


And our feelings (or emotions) are our bodies’ signalling systems for how we are doing in any one moment

Think how many times these elements interrupt your play: 

  • Internal chatter

  • Upsetting thoughts that don’t leave you alone

  • Being distracted by other’s behaviour

  • Feeling irritated disappointed or angry when things don’t go how you want them


When you have the skill because you’ve practised and built it, and yet it escapes you just at a critical moment, there’s always a thought lurking in the background “working its evil.”


I believe many professional people who have a passion for their competitive sports are only a small step away from massive improvement. 


They tend to be highly focused on the technical elements and are either unaware of the power of the mental/psychological aspects of their game, or they have no idea how to work with it.

What many people do not understand is the mechanics of the link between mind and body, and this is the area that I work in. 

If you resonate with any of this, do get in touch, it will be great to speak with you

It is for those critical moments, when the opportunity to play the winning move presents itself, and an habitual or sabotaging thought rips away the attention, that the essential work is to be done.

This is where I intervene, providing a package of highly personalized 1-2-1 coaching sessions. 


I provide a big picture analysis of how you prepare to play

We then address in detail, at both conscious and unconscious levels, the rituals and habits that help or hinder your game


I guide, coach and train the fine-grained attention that leads inevitably to your desired performance and superb results.


  • Winning competitions

  • Improving P.B. massively

  • Highest levels of enjoyment, satisfaction

  • People will admire you

  • Combined technical with mental aspects

  • Highest levels of concentration and focus


  • Sessions are approx. 90min long

  • In the game environment whenever possible

  • Cutting edge NLP perception & awareness tools

  • Experience from working with a world class expert – John Grinder

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