The Workshop

An intense 15 days of training

Delivered in 5 x 3 day modules

Two 90 minute Personal Coaching sessions between modules

support application of the learning

This training is original and unique.  Designed to address the issue of Trust in business and organizational life, it offers the toolkit of skills to make it possible.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the most advanced set of interpersonal tools available anywhere in the world, and we include some of the most advanced tools from the field of NLP itself.  What is unique about this NLP training is that it takes the form of an NLP Leadership Practitioner training, and to our knowledge, this does not exist elsewhere in NLP training.


NLP gives us powerful tools for resolving internal and external conflicts.  These tools are developed in this workshop to apply them to the essential arena of Negotiating, based on intentions rather than positions or demands.


In addition, we embed training in the ancient Chinese art of Face Reading to add a further dimension in "reading" and gauging how to trust other people, a process called calibration in NLP.  This element is delivered by Joseph McGuire who is a leading international expert in Profiling and author of the book, Face Facts.


Module three introduces Accelerated Learning and the Whole Mind Accelerated Reading System called PhotoReading.  This enables keeping up to date and rapid access to getting essential reading done in a fraction of the time normally required.  This supports busy executives as they often need to process big amounts of written material and act on it in very short timescales. 


Team Management Systems (TMS) is tried, tested, scientifically proven and probably the best-researched and most accurate personal and team profiling system available today. It allows people to break through misunderstandings and mistrust about others’ motives, showing why others respond and work the way they do. Each course member receives their own TMS profile during the workshop broadening training of a key element in NLP called meta programs.


Twelve days are devoted to NLP, Face Reading, Team Management Systems and Negotiation skills.  Three days of Module 3 to Accelerated Learning & Reading with PhotoReading,  Two coaching sessions of 90 minutes for each person are arranged to support the application of their learning back at work.  They are conducted by Bill Phillips and Izabela Bitner, who are both International NLP Coaches, trained and certified by Dr John Grinder (co-originator of NLP) and Carmen Bostic St Clair, co-developer with Dr Grinder of New Code NLP,


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