Employees in high-trust organizations are more productive, have more energy at work, collaborate better with their colleagues, and stay with their employers longer than people working at low-trust companies.

Is your company culture a Trusting one?

Building a culture of trust is what makes a meaningful difference.  Leaders understand the stakes, at least in principle. In its 2016 global CEO survey, PwC reported that 55% of CEOs think that a lack of trust is a threat to their organization’s growth.  But most have done little to increase trust, mainly because they aren’t sure where to start.

The Neuroscience of Trust, by Paul J Zak, HBR, Jan 2017

This program shows you where to start, and

how to do it.

The Trusted Leader Toolkit (TLT)

Inspiring trust at the top - where it matters

A unique Leader's development program in three parts, based on:

  • NLP to build trust through personal congruence, conversational skills and authenticity

  • Accelerated learning and PhotoReading to master the art of keeping informed 

  • Negotiating agreement and co-operation through personal transparency and trust

The core essence of this program is to provide you with the tools to build trust – with yourself first so that you can find it and nurture it in people you work with.

Delivered in two formats:


NLP is awareness and attention training.  It’s a profound and intense training in how to notice your own perceptions and how to connect deeply and influence yourself and others.  It provides you with the precise tools to build confidence, authenticity and genuine trust in yourself and people you work with.


Leading in businesses, teams and projects means absorbing and understanding often large amounts of written information. The Whole Mind Reading System allows you to get everything you want from reading and to retain it in a fraction of the time. Trust your ability to read and learn fast, and trust others more easily.


Building trust is a super-strength for the excellent leader. Negotiating from the perspective of intentions creates trust, easy agreements and willing commitment to strong relationships. Finding common ground, showing mutual respect and acknowledgement is fertile soil for creativity, solution seeking and elimination of conflict.

Who Are We?

Bitner Phillips Partnership Ltd

We exist to help people do great work together in healthy, trusting relationships that optimize performance. By providing carefully tailored Facilitation, Coaching and Training, we provoke curiosity for better ways of operating, help align people’s efforts and ignite in them a passion for achieving amazing results.

The world, the workplace and business can be inspiring places when people imagine and achieve together.  Building and cherishing trust in Leaders, in the workforce, in clients and suppliers is the one key ingredient to long-lasting, high quality working relationships.  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides the essential kit of tools for achieving them.  We are Certified Trainers of NLP.

Your Training Team

For this program led by Bill Phillips

Bill Phillips

As a Facilitator, Bill enables groups successfully to process complex discussions, to build creative working relationships, and to forge trusting and

long-lasting agreements.

As a Coach, he helps individuals and teams to meet their toughest challenges, emerge with greater confidence, clarity, focus and motivation, and to build rewarding and productive working relationships. He was first trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in 1988, and for many years now is involved with training and certifying other Trainers of NLP.

Izabela Bitner

Izabela coaches, trains and facilitates, helping key people to develop mental fitness and the core interpersonal competencies that bring essential focus to those critical, win-or-lose moments in their day.  Her expertise lies in understanding how the mind and state drive effectiveness, and how our thinking, beliefs and perceptions impact our capabilities.  She is a Certified Trainer of NLP, and an International NLP Coach.

Joseph McGuire

Joseph assists corporates to recruit, sell and negotiate through his mastery of observational and listening skills honed over more than 30 years. He specializes in providing precise, detailed and accurate analysis of behavioural and personality traits, communication styles and stress patterns revealed in the facial features, expressions and body language of their prospective clients and employees.  He is author of the book Face Facts: the Art of Reading Your Clients and Prospects for Sales, Negotiation and Recruitment.

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